BWC Consulting, LLC, is a firm that works with individuals and companies to create, refine, and execute philanthropic strategies unique to their core assets and values. Rooted in the belief that we each have a unique role to play in improving our world, BWC Consulting specializes in helping clients achieve the following goals: 

  • Establish a holistic view of their unique giving capabilities (monetary and non)
  • Identify the issue areas(s) aligned with the legacy they want to create
  • Understand the macro and micro trends affecting these issue areas 
  • Execute their philanthropic vision in the most authentic and impactful way possible

Specializations include: strategic planning, market research, partnership development & relationship management, grant making, impact investing, digital marketing and communications.

BWC Consulting focuses on working with individuals and companies who have an existing giving footprint but are looking to bring that strategy to the next level. We realize this can mean a lot of different things for different clients, from needing to refine and narrow their giving focus, to conducting a thorough assessment of their unique giving assets, to creating marketing and communications plan to communicate this strategy. 

Because each client's needs are different, we always begin our engagements with a complimentary 45-minute introductory call to assess your needs and goals, enabling us to develop a custom action plan to meet you where you are at.

Interested in learning more or setting up an introductory call? Reach out to us in the 'Get In Touch' section.